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Fine Gael’s frontbench spokesperson for energy, Deputy Simon Coveney, had his Private Members motion to improve Ireland’s energy security voted down by government recently [16 April 2010].

The motion, see below, calls for a sweeping range of measures to improve the islands energy security, including an increase in our strategic reserves on the island and to “devise an emergency strategy for the allocation of energy resources in the event of a serious disruption of oil or gas supplies.”



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Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE, put out an hour long programme on Ireland’s energy future on Monday night [Apr 26]. Pat Kenny’s weekly Frontline programme featured our Minister for Energy, Eamon Ryan, with personal wealth management guru and author of Energise, Eddie Hobbs (Eddie Hobbs contacted ASPO Ireland in 2006 shortly after discovering Peak Oil and has done an excellent job ramping up the learning curve, as his book demonstrates). (more…)

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