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To see what is in front of one’s nose requires a constant struggle – Orwell

ASPO Ireland was invited to return this year (last year) to Cultivate‘s Rethink Tank at Global Green, a part of the Electric Picnic festival, to participate in a panel discussion on How green is Ireland? The panel was chaired by Davie Philip of Cultivate, and participants, along with yours truly, were Gavin Harte, Taja Naidoo, and Eamon Ryan.



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Findings point to over-dependence on imports and need for improvement of distribution and storage infrastructure

Dublin, 2 February 2009

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan T.D. today published a report into the security of Ireland’s access to commercial oil supplies.

“Energy security is a key element of Irish energy policy. This report helps us better understand the risks and opportunities,” said Minister Ryan.

“Ireland relies on oil for almost 60 % of our energy needs, all of which is imported. We must reduce this level of dependency by developing our indigenous energy resources and reducing demand.

It is also important that we identify any weaknesses in our oil supply network. This will ensure that we are better-placed to deal with any future disruptions.”


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